Want to explore a different kind of hemp experience? CBN, or cannabinol, is a minorly occurring cannabinoid in the hemp plant, that, like CBD, is federally legal and non-psychoactive. CBN is a cannabinoid like CBD, capable of binding to cannabinoid receptors in the body to regulate processes that play a big role in how we feel. CBN is known as the “nighttime cannabinoid,” because many people find that it helps them at bedtime, potentially aiding in bliss. In fact, it can be a serious gamechanger in your routine.

We offer a rich array of CBN-specific products in all kinds of delivery methods, including vapes, tinctures and edibles that each let you explore these effects in unique yet equally desirable ways. All of the CBN has been thoroughly lab-tested by a third party while being formulated with gentle ingredients that are easy on the body. We invite you to explore the many CBN products below to see what this unique hemp compound can do for your evening regimen.

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