The more we learn about cannabinoids, the more we discover that they offer fascinating transdermal effects that can put us more at ease in a localized, targeted way. CBD has been the reigning king of topical cannabinoids for some time, but now, we’ve introduced delta 9 into the picture. The THC + CBD topicals that we carry offer a balanced blend of these two phenomenal cannabinoids, which each have the unique ability to soothe when applied directly to the body in problem areas. These cannabinoids reach the joint and muscle tissue quickly to offer their dazzling properties to your endocannabinoid system.

The THC + CBD topicals you’ll find here are made by top-tier brands in the hemp industry, like iDelta8 and Elyxr, and contain only lab-tested hemp extracts alongside clean, gentle ingredients. These products can be applied daily and will not yield psychoactive effects due to how they are absorbed.

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