Delta 10 THC

Tried delta 8, but want something more uplifting? Delta 10 THC is yet another recently discovered cannabinoid that’s proving to be a hit amongst even the most particular hemp lovers. Delta 10, like delta 8, is a THC derivative that offers milder effects than delta 9, while still being noticeably psychoactive. Many people say that while delta 8 behaves like an indica, promoting more nighttime-oriented effects, delta 10 behaves like a sativa, offering something of a boost that can be enjoyed during the daytime hours.

Our ever-growing delta 10 catalog lets you explore delta 10 vapes, and edibles all made from the most reputable names in the hemp business. All of our delta 10 products have been third party lab-tested, and contain only clean ingredients. Explore the products below and make room for another hemp compound to enhance your lifestyle.

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